Underground Water Leak Detection Indiana

Underground water leaks can go undetected causing unnecessary water bill increases, erosion of foundations and slab floors, and reduction of water pressure in the home or business facility . By using state of the art ultrasonic locating equipment. our techs can locate leaks under concrete, asphalt, dirt, or gravel which eliminates expensive and time consuming costs and destruction of digging up water lines by contractors who do not have the high- tech equipment needed to find where the problem is.

  • We offer:
  • Fast reliable service of residential, commercial and industrial facilities
  • Accurate locating of leaks under slab floors, asphalt, or dirt
  • Optional repair service available
  • Services in Central Indiana
  • The latest ultrasonic equipment

If you suspect Water Leaks Indiana, please contact us

Our staff is trained and insured to step in and resolve underground leaks quickly and economically. Don’t rely on educated guesses. Go to the pros and get the job done right! Schedule an inspection now.