Ultrasonic Leak Inspection

Industrial Ultrasonic Leak Inspection

Compressed Air Leak Detection

Hopefully, the compressed air system in your facility is a well engineered, properly sized system – maximizing the benefits of using compressed air while minimizing the effects of the heat and water these systems produce. This will keep your maintenance costs low and assure that a clean, stable air supply is available and properly utilized. An industrial ultrasonic leak inspection helps maximize the efficiency.

The compressed air industry, like most other industries, has undergone dramatic changes through technology in the past few years. Modern energy saving technologies – variable speed compressors, energy efficient motors, better air dryers, and up-to-date piping and air delivery methods – are slowly replacing the older, less efficient means of making compressed air.

But industry experts estimate that only half of the compressed air in a plant makes it to the production application phase! The other half is wasted through leaks, artificial demand, and improper use


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