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Thermal Imaging Services

Thermal Imaging Services for Columbus

Infrared Technologies of Indianapolis, IN provides infrared electrical inspections for industrial, commercial and residential property, using efficient thermal image scanning,

Our infrared scans can help you quickly identify problems with your equipment or building. These scans can be used to make maintenance plans, keeping your building and machinery in it’s best shape. Available for Thermal Imaging Services in Indianapolis, IN and in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Thermal Imaging Services

electrical panel infrared inspections
Thermal Imaging Services for Industrial Plants

Thermography is a proven technology for detecting elevated temperatures within operating electrical distribution systems. Typically electrical scans and electrical tests are performed on an annual basis, Infrared electrical inspections can detect evidence of overheating caused by loose and/or deteriorated connections, overloaded circuits, and imbalanced loads.

Thermal Imaging Services- Columbus

Building Infrared Energy Audits & Thermal Imaging Services

Any commercial or industrial facility can benefit by contracting infrared inspections. By utilizing up to date infrared cameras, our thermography imaging services can detect insulation or draft problems that increase utility costs and create an uncomfortable work place.

Ceilings, doors, windows, floors, and walls can all contribute to a total energy loss and drive out the cost of operation. Whether a facility is in the heating or cooling mode, infrared inspections make perfect sense.

Refractory Infrared Inspections

It is possible to detect faulty refractory insulation in ovens, furnaces, kilns, and refractory line pipes through the use of infrared equipment. By scanning the outside of the shell, hotspots can easily be seen from the outside. This makes it easy to correct refractory problems that not only increase energy loss but could have an impact on the quality or through put of the process.

Other Image Scanning and thermography electrical Services that can save your facility money:

Flat Roof Infrared Scans

Roofs are notorious for leaking and trapping moisture under the membrane. Water can enter through faulty flashing, cracks or holes in the membrane. Sometimes it is difficult to find the point of entry as the water travels beneath the substraight and into the facility. Infrared cameras can detect hidden moisture problems and then be verified with core samples. By pinpointing the problem, it is conceivable the problem can be resolved without a complete tear off which could save thousands of dollars. Get your flat roof inspection to save money down the road.

Block wall inspections – Block walls should be filled with grout for structural integrity or foam build for insulation. The lack of both of these materials can be identified through infrared scans. From new construction to existing facilities, a block wall scan pays dividends when the problems we detect are corrected and energy loss curtailed. A block wall scan can be incorporated with a building energy audit for a total inspection of a facility.

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