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Home Energy Audit For Indiana Homes 

Infrared Home Energy Audit To Find The Energy Loss in Your Home infrared indiana technologies

Tired of spending so much on heating  and cooling costs? Infrared Technologies can help you reduce costs while making your home more energy efficient. With a comprehensive home energy audit, we will assess how much energy your home consumes to help you determine if you’re losing energy and money. Our team will check for energy leaks in your home, using our infrared technology, and locate any areas in need of improvement. You’ll receive a detailed home energy assessment report on our findings, as well as recommendations on how to increase your home’s energy efficiency. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save simply by making small changes to your home’s energy systems! Spring and Fall are the perfect time for us to find the leaks. infrared technologies building performance institute

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Home energy audit can detect issues with your electrical systems

We provide efficient thermal image scanning, home energy audits to Indianapolis, Carmel, Greenwood, Brownsburg and most of central Indiana. Our thermal image scans can detect problems in your home such as insulation issues, moisture/mold problems, and drafts and leaks in doors and windows so that you can save money on energy and heating bills. We supply you with a documented energy loss report illustrating unique problems in your home.

Infrared thermography (thermal image scanning) is a proven diagnostic technique recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy for identifying areas of heat loss. Considering that your heating and cooling load can comprise of up to 50% of your actual energy bill a thermal scan of your home can identify where those wasted dollars are going – no matter what type of heating or cooling system you have.

Infrared Technologies’ fully certified technicians only use latest technologies, and thorough home energy audit techniques, when they are scanning your home.

Our residential energy audit services also include a blower door fan test on your home. A blower door is used to find air leakage in your home by quantitatively measuring air changes per hour. The fan pulls air out of the house, lowering the air pressure inside. The higher outside air pressure then flows in through all unsealed cracks and openings so we can locate the leakage areas. This test gives us an overall efficiency evaluation of the entire home and works well in conjunction with the infrared inspection.

By conducting a thermal imaging home energy audit, we are able to identify ways to reduce energy loss. Minimizing energy loss could result in dramatic savings to your energy bills.

Once the audit is completed, you will receive a detailed report of the results.

The report will highlight any problems and include recommendations on actions that need to be taken to improve energy efficiency. The intended result is home improvements that will increase your home’s energy efficiency, comfort level, durability, and lower monthly utility bills.

Our Home Energy Audit includes:

  • Home energy audit, utilizing infrared scans
  • Thermal Infrared scans for heat loss through insulation issues
  • Thermal Infrared scans for moisture or mold issues
  • Thermal Infrared scans for drafts
  • Blower Door fan test

Our services can help you go green and reduce your carbon imprint/footprint.

Infrared Technologies provides home energy audit services in Central Indiana Area, including these Indiana cities and towns:

Home Energy Audit Service Area:


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