Compressed Air Leak Inspections

Compressed air is usually considered the most expensive utility in an industrial facility and yet one of the most overlooked.  By finding leaks and controlling where the air is used, a factory can generally save thousands of dollars in electricity, wear and maintenance on compressors and dryers, and reduce peak loads.  That’s where we can help!

By utilizing ultrasonic equipment, we can detect even the smallest of air leaks from several feet away.  We can also estimate the cfm loss and equate that to dollars based upon industry standards.  We have several companies that rely on Infrared Technologies (Tompkins Technologies) to come in on a regular basis to find compressed air leaks, tag them, and compile the information into an illustrated report, making the problems easy to find and repair.

We can do our inspections with no hydraulic air leak inspection professionalsinterruption to production.

All industrial facilities have air leaks, some as much as 20 to 30%. It just makes sense to set up a program for minimal cost that saves so much to the bottom line.




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