Infrared electrical inspections

In Greenfield & Indianapolis, IN and Kentucky and Illinois

We provide comprehensive infrared electrical inspections for industrial,commercial, and residential inspections for customers. With infrared cameras, our home inspectors and business inspectors can detect issues such as loose connections, overloads, unbalanced loads on three phase, motor issues, and other electrical problems. We inspect panels, transformers, motors, pumps, buss ducts, MCC’s, and any other electrically powered equipment. We consolidate the information and provide a computer generated report with pictures and locations to facilitate a quick and accurate fix by a qualified electrician or maintenance tech. This aspect of predictive maintenance as become a common practice in virtually all facilities and is often recommended or required by insurance companies. By having the electrical system checked on an annual basis:

- Reduces safety risks
- Reduces utility costs
- Improves the reliability of equipment
- Reduces downtime
- Increases the life of motors, pumps, and other equipment
- Complies with insurance mandates
- Complies with corporate goals

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