Home Energy Audits

Energy Audit – Key to An Energy-Efficient Home 

Bring in Infrared Technologies to inspect your Greenfield, IN home

Tired of spending so much on heating and cooling costs? Infrared Technologies can help you reduce costs while making your home more energy efficient. We’ll assess how much energy your home consumes to help you determine if you’re losing energy and money. Our team will check for leaks using our infrared technology and locate any areas in need of improvement. You’ll receive a detailed report on our findings, as well as recommendations on how to increase your home’s energy efficiency. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save simply by making small changes to your home’s systems!

Schedule your home energy audit by contacting us or calling Infrared Technologies at (317) 489-7199.

We can detect energy audit issues with ease in Greenfield, Indiana

Infrared Technologies can use our state-of-the-art infrared equipment to detect hazardous conditions without having to break ground! Our noninvasive methods are perfect for identifying potential threats lurking in your home. Our technicians can complete:


  • Infrared electrical inspections
  • Compressed air leak inspections
  • Ultrasonic leak detection

We’ll immediately alert you to any troublesome findings to give you plenty of time to rectify the damage. Learn more about our residential inspection services by reaching out to Infrared Technologies of Greenfield.