Are you looking for a way to cut on energy cost

Let Infrared Technologies do a home energy audit for you in the Greenfield and Indianaplis, Indiana! Also covering Kentucky and Illinois!

To save on utility costs and make your home comfortable in every room, bring in Greenfield & Indianapolis’s premier energy audit specialists

Almost every home has hidden issues that detract from the overall efficiency of the house. We use state of the art infrared cameras to find problems such as insulation issues, air leaks, air drafts or moisture. We provide a full illustrated report with pictures, location, descriptions, and recommendations for every problem we find. In addition we provide a blower door test that gives the homeowner a comprehensive evaluation of the home as a whole. What you receive is a detailed blue print to a more efficient and comfortable home.

Know what you are dealing with, have Infrared Technologies complete an infrared inspection for a home energy audit.